Saturday, August 16, 2008

Who played tonight?

The moon was full and low on the horizon as I walked home past running air conditioners. It's in the 60s tonight. What a waste. When you tell me the same story twice in a row, my first impression is that you're like the junkies I used to work with, but I'm sure you're just drunk, because you look at me like you have things to say, but you don't think I'm listening, or you just can't form the sentences, like one of my ex's. It's not that I've lost focus again, I feel pretty clear-headed, but I'm just not doing the things I know I should. But I'm slowly learning the people I work with, and which people I want to learn more. The sun is coming up over the horizon. Seagulls are circling. I always forget how close to the sea we are.


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