Tuesday, July 22, 2008

U.S. junk mail accounts for 30% of all the world's mail.

Sometimes I see my twin. Or one of a number of twins. (Wait, does the definition of twin imply there can only be one twin?) Anyway, I'll be walking to work, see some guy that looks like me, and I'll think, "oh, that's what I look like riding a bike," or something like that. The other night I saw myself with the hair I had 14 years ago. That was funny because I could see that twin's future.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i aparently cant post comments to yr journal from my phone. i got real close though, ill tell ya that.

in other news, zito painted a portrain of a woman that looe just like me and jung it in vasmay lounge. but then vasmay had a fire. i wonder if my twin survived. then i wonder if our twins are friends, work together, or hang out at all.

and heres a link to my friend billy druid's blog:


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