Friday, July 04, 2008

Captures, etc.

I'm working out a parallel between music and visual art. I think it goes like this: There are a lot of shit bands out there. I know because I've mixed most of them. Their friends tell them they are great. There are a lot of bad photographers out there. Their friends tell them they are great as well. But visuals are is easier to disseminate on the internet. I don't think there is a flickr equivalent for music, and there's a camera in just about every phone now, but recording studio phones aren't too popular yet. So you can put stuff on the web, and you tell someone they're great, and they tell you you're great, and it's like a little (huge) positive reenforcement artist support group. And there's always at least one comment that says, "great capture!" What the fuck is that? Is it different than a "picture?"
Now there are some amazing pictures on there. Ones that kick my ass. Ones I wish I took. I absolutely love when I find one. (Look these up if you want.)

But for every good band, there are a dozen terrible ones, and that ratio holds true in art as well. The only possible fault lies in that I just may not "get" it. Do I need an art degree, or at least a little institution-based art education? I have none, and that disqualifies me from having a "respected" opinion. So you would think that would put me in line with what the public likes. You would be wrong. The Click! experiment at the Brooklyn Museum proved that the public and I strongly disagree on what an appropriate "capture" was for the assigned theme. Again, there are definitely some great shots in there, but many that just don't make any sense to me. (And again, go here.)

It's after 3am, and a fireworks barrage just went off over the buildings to the south. So far, it looks like they really did clamp down on the illegal fireworks this year. Last year there were bombs going off, and rockets launched (from the gas station, real smart) for a good six week period surrounding the 4th. I'm off this year, so I'll try once more to get that perfect fireworks picture.

Happy birthday Jenn!

(I wish I took this picture.)


Anonymous Kristin said...

ah. so nice to see her face again. happy birthday jenn.

9:47 PM  

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