Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I don't know what happened in here. I think everything was okay about six months ago. Then everything grew. Or exploded. It's really too much stuff. I know I go on about it, but I'm really confused. I still haven't gotten anywhere on any of my lists of people to see and things to do. Nor things to see and people to do. I did get to have coffee/tea with KG, and that really needed to happen, and needs to happen more. Today, I just watched them rehang the PA. I didn't help because I wasn't on the clock, and who would have paid for my potential injuries? Then that was it. And they raised the price of postage again? Went to see the Josh and Fade experience last night. That place is actually okay. I love old New York basements. They're like uncovered ruins from another time, or just chiseled out of indigenous rock. A friend told me his father has given up on life. Told him just like that. My friend is now determined to get out of here. Both positives and negatives can influence you to do better somehow.


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