Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Outside the wall.

"Yeah, gimme a call. I'll be defrosting my freezer and eating cookies."

There are some things that happened this week that I don't want to mention by name because I don't want to get any google hits. But let's try to find a lesson or two.

The desire for fame in a great deal of the population makes those people do things that really shouldn't be condoned with applause, and will even make some risk their (her) life to win a trip to the next round to meet, and compete against, more like-minded drunks. Aim higher, people.

I'm not going to invite people to art openings I'm in any more because that means I actually have to go, and stay until the end. There were a great deal of much better photographs that were left out, not selected for the show, and that has to make me question why I got in. And there were so many CAMERAS there. At one point, someone was taking a picture of someone taking a picture of someone taking a picture. And the reason I know that that was happening is because someone else exclaimed, "hey look, someone's taking a picture of someone taking a picture of someone taking a picture!" I kept my camera in my bag until I escaped, and then shot a roll around the gallery neighborhood to clear my head.

Passed by that NYT building that people keep climbing. I can't believe nobody looked at the design and said, "hey guys, maybe making a 40 story ladder isn't a great idea."

The permafrost of my freezer has broken loose, but is still too big to fit out the freezer door. I say it's about a 30 pound block. There's a heater pointed at it.

This may sound strange, but I'm listening to the soundtrack of A Charlie Brown Christmas. I just picked it up for something like two bucks, (off season?) and it's fantastic.

I really wouldn't mind sitting outside until the sun comes up, talking and watching you smoke a pack of cigarettes again.

A friend of mine is getting screwed over for a ten year old credit card debt. If anyone knows about the law firm Slamowitz and Cohen, and how/why they can garnish your wages, get in touch.

Just went to shoot the street festival they have every year on the other side of the bqe, and my camera lost it's shit. Shutter problems. Waste of time, and now I won't be able to go shoot that thing this year because I work every day for the next week. Cameras suck.

Got the block of ice out.


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