Thursday, August 07, 2008


I'm seeing people display their sadness and loneliness on the internet in thinly veiled cries for help under the heading of status updates. Usually, it's innocuous fun little, for lack of a better word, updates. But sometimes it's not, and your longing for past glory days seeps out, or an invitation for pity makes it to a column on the right side of my screen. That thing was made for teenagers, folks, but it also turns you into a kid, and not always in a good way.

But I make stuff up a lot. Lately, reality is interesting me far more than what I can fantasize. It says more about my lack of imagination than how exciting my life is right now. There's someone over there I can think about, or someone I can walk up to. What am I seeing here, and what makes me see one over the other, or, better yet, are you the person that thinks, or the person who does?

So yeah, I see you're in Maine, or you're going out to dinner, or you have a doctor's appointment, or you're eating a banana, and it takes all the fun out of wondering. Write something that's gonna confuse people, or make our collective imagination run wild.

How about, "josh doesn't have hot water, and doesn't really care that he just washed his face in a pan of water he heated on his stove?" Nah, too precise.

josh is watching, and listening to, the barber shop make an awning out of plywood at 11:30 at night.

Happy birthday to Hailey and Eileen and Gina and Joe and someone else I'm forgetting.

I'm gonna go to bed. Dirty, and early.


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