Sunday, February 08, 2009

Loss-of-control dream.

I was helping Sara record something. Then there was this winding, outdoor stairway/labyrinth. It had different mosaic and painted tiles imbedded in each step. This old guy was leading me through it, but I decided to get out. It wasn't easy because there were these false exits and deceptive paths. There was something about watching old REM and U2 live shows on youtube. I was really tired. I had to wake in about an hour for work. I went to bed, and set my alarm for an hour later. Something woke me up, and my clock said I had an extra hour to sleep. No one could tell me what time it was. I kept asking people, and even asked if there was a daylight savings time change that suddenly gave me an extra hour. I looked at the shelves in my room, and wondered who put them up. I thought Suzanne put them up when we were going out. There were weird lamps in my room. The ladies I was hanging out with earlier showed up at the apartment. The apartment was like a village, both indoors and outdoors simultaneously. I hoped one of them would come join me. This guy walked into my bathroom, which I can see from my bed, and said he just needed to take a piss, but he just walked in and out, and then into my room. He sat down on a dresser or something, and said, "so this is the kitchen..." I told him it wasn't the kitchen, but he kept on rambling. I realized he actually lived in the neighborhood his whole life, and was making parallels between his apartment and mine, or how he remembered my apartment was a long time ago.


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