Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Old rockers, rollers, etc.

I thought the band that showed up late for their 9pm load in was pretty bad. I mean 9pm? Unless you had another, earlier gig that night, you have no excuse, especially if you're a local band. But tonight, the headliner took three hours to sound check, and the band didn't even show up. That's three hours to set up backline, and eq monitors and foh. Three hours, and not a single note of music played.
I told mark that CBGB's plumber was there, and he said, "get him out of here! Have you seen the bathrooms at that place?!?"
A friend texted me from a VD clinic today. Said she was too tattooed and hungover for them to find a vein. She said she was there for moral support. I told her she was a good friend.


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