Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I've had a terrible time with retail establishments the past few weeks. Dell computers has a completely incompetent customer service department. Once I'm done with the current series of "where is my shit" emails, and they're done sending me the same form letter in response over and over, I will never deal with them again. B&H Photo has made it so that you have to wait in even more lines than before, causing me to give up and walk out empty handed the other day. The other place that totally screwed me I'm not gonna mention until I'm sure their check clears. From now on, I buy everything from Amazon. (Even though the post office opens every package with an Amazon logo on it to see if it's something worth stealing.) So, yeah, that's where I stand right now. Pretty much hating everything. Keep your distance. Can't wait to see what happens with tomorrow's planned trip to Lowe's.


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