Thursday, January 27, 2005


I tried to break the PA on Saturday. I guess I just snapped. It was a long week. It didn’t break. It just got really loud. The bar staff was unhappy. I apologize. I also tried to break the camera I’ve been using by getting it dripping wet with snow. It didn’t break either. Here’s proof.

Maybe it will eventually fail from corrosion, but it’s just a camera, and it was worth it because picture taking is fun.
I was so tired yesterday that when I’d lie down to take a nap, I’d start dreaming before I was asleep. You know how you can think of something and picture it in your mind? Well, that would happen, but I would immediately lose control of what was going on. Then, the realization of still being awake would keep me from actually falling asleep. So then Arwen lured me over to have some homemade chicken potato curry soup, and sourdough bread. It was good. I’m still covered in cat hair.


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