Thursday, June 30, 2005

Thing. (Other thing)

I ate many soy based products this evening for dinner. (Thanks to the beautiful and talented Miss Day for the recommendation.) I can’t stop thinking about becoming homeless. (Another tenant moved out today.) We’ve been having these sudden rainstorms that just roll in and look real scary. (Made me think of driving through the southwest and seeing rain off in the distance, while it’s clear and sunny where you are.) The fourth is coming up. (A late friend’s birthday. There will be fireworks.) I want a lighter camera. (I must be getting weaker.) I don’t know how to have a vacation. (It’s been over five years.) It makes me sad when I’m around her. (It makes me sad when I’m around her.) I’m still lost. (No, it’s not a generational thing.) I hate working two places at the same time. (It just makes everyone involved unhappy.) I just figured out a Foreigner song on guitar. (I think. Just heard a short clip as bumper music on Coast to Coast.)


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