Sunday, December 11, 2005

If you're a ninja, how come I always know where you are?

It was really funny when the final eight people at the party decided to make it a dance party at 3am. And then when our hostess decided to switch to playing vinyl on the stereo in her room, but no one could dance in her room because there wasn't space and it was full of cats and the dancing would make the record skip. So the dancers danced in the living room, but the music wasn't that loud in there, and it was like they were dancing to a party next door that they could hear through the wall. So that guy went into the bedroom to dance, and he yelled, "look at all the cats!" and he said he was dancing with the cats, but really the cats were just lying on the bed staring at him in disbelief in only the ways cats can. Then the shopping. And the fishing.
Thanks for inviting me. Glad I stopped by.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

where do you go fishing in NYC?

your boss is out of her head. i still feel really weird in there. i meant to come back and share a cab home with you, But i got dropped off at 14th, and the train was right there. so ya know, i got on it.

i wish i had a beer. how was working with H tonight?

1:30 AM  
Blogger josh said...

People fish in the rivers, but I was referring to funny dances.

Ya know, I ask her if she wants to order food, if she wants me to turn off the PA, she gives me $10, ...

1:57 AM  

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