Sunday, July 23, 2006

Thousands in Queens still without power.

I had this dream last night. The fine details have escaped me for the most part, but one point was new to me. I existed in what I believe was a TV show. A situation came up where I was supposed to work with some people that I had a bad experience with the last time I worked with them, and was ready to quit if I had to do it again. But here's where the TV show part comes in; I realized it might be a rerun. I asked someone in charge if it was a rerun, but she naturally had no idea what I was talking about since she didn't realize we lived in a TV show. However, I saw the date written on her clipboard had the year 2005, so I had my answer. I didn't have to quit because nothing new was going to happen.

I went to check out Christain Gibbs' latest project tonight at Pete's, but I couldn't fit into the closet they call a performance space. I heard one song while squeezed into the hallway with other latecomers, and while what little I could hear was beautiful, I couldn't stay. He's already outgrown that room. I tried, even though I hate saturdays.

I just put a guitar together from spare parts. It could use some major adjustments, and will be a good guitar for practicing nut and fret repairs.


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