Friday, June 01, 2007

Went out.

I'm donating a picture to a benefit art auction at Banjo Jim's on the 10th. Details as I get them.

I finally got to see a few people this week. It got a little weird tuesday night when Greg accurately pointed out it was like the Gallery circa 2001. I'm still bad when it comes to gifts. Sometimes it's easy.

I went to work today. For about three minutes. They couldn't make the DJ set-up work. Any competent professional could have figured this problem out. They choose not to have a competent professional on site for every show, and this kind of bullshit is the result. I may be less available on my supposed days off in the future.

It looks like I was run over by a bicycle. There's a patterned bruise across my back that looks like a tire track. If anyone who crossed paths with me on thursday can give some insight as to why there's a horizontal stripe on my back, please clue me in.


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