Saturday, August 30, 2008

What part of I don't want to work here any more don't you understand?

I have some time to reacquaint myself with friends next week. Any takers?
Is it really a bad idea to go to Coney Island on Labor Day?
Does anyone want to be a tech at a comedy club? If you do, let me know.
It's really raining.
Can you tell I have nothing to say?
I really like this radio show, but usually they just play some sort of ambient noise. I want to do that. Make a record of just sound. Maybe I could get it played on the air.
I met a woman tonight who just quit her teaching job. She had been teaching for a few years, but when she met her new class, she just bailed. Eventually, hopefully, you get to a point in life where you just know something is a bad idea. You know spending more time on it would just make it worse, and harder in the long run for you and everyone involved.
Were those shots?


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