Friday, July 28, 2006


Aren't ladybugs supposed to be red? I'm seeing more than usual, and they're all this faded beige color. They still have spots. Did they come out with a new model?

I saw a junky shooting up under a tree today. When you see someone under a tree from a distance, you think it's someone finding a little peace among the chaos. Actually, I thought this person shouldn't be sitting there because the city puts rat poison--

Okay, I just left in the middle of that sentence. I thought the school was on fire, but when I got there, it was just a bunch of firemen looking for something to do. So before coming back home, I stopped at Dawn's. She was hosting a BBQ in the forrest of a back yard she's got over there. It's one of those rare oasis (oasises?) in brooklyn surrounded by towering concrete walls and neighbor's windows. There were tiki torches. We spoke of the local rents, and plan to play board games in the future. Her fella just took the Bar. I told her roomate about the guy shooting up under the tree, and she countered with the story of finding human feces in their doorway when the lock was broken for a spell. I need to make better eye contact when I'm uncomfortable. It's a dead giveaway.
And about that guy...

The city puts rat poison in this little park, and posts signs as a warning. Once I saw the necktie wrapped around his arm, and what was in his other hand, I figured rat poison was nothing to this guy. On my way back home, I looked to see if the guy was still there. He was, and the necktie was around the other arm. Was this symmetry for a balanced high, or just a search for a working vein? I guess the latter since he was also barefoot.


Blogger Circe said...

I keep seeing the faded ladybugs too! What's up with that?
*inquiring minds...*

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