Friday, August 04, 2006

On my mind.

Here's a recent quote from a news wire:

The guerrillas said they used the Khaibar-1 — named after the site of a historic battle between Islam's Prophet Muhammad and Jewish tribes in the Arabian peninsula — to strike the Israeli town of Afula.

"With this, the Islamic Resistance begins a new stage of fighting, challenge and confrontation with a strong determination and full belief in God's victory," Hezbollah said in a statement.
---------end quote-------

How do you fight people with those beliefs, and expect some sort of "victory?" I gave up expecting some sort of peaceful resolution surrounding Israel many years ago, and just about completely tuned out to any news from the area. They will fight each other until there aren't any people left. On either side. If I was the president of the USA, I would say, "okay, you guys just go ahead and kill each other. We'll just stay here and work on improving our education system, and achieving national health care for all. Oh, and alternative energy sources since you're gonna cause an 'energy crisis' with your endless fighting in that region."

Beyond Israel, the "west" is directly involved in fighting a war against someone's God. That's not what we say we're doing, but that's what it is to someone wrapped in TNT. There will not be some sort of agreement resulting in a mutually understood secession from violence. This global war will be a fight to the death. There is no cure for the virus of radical religious beliefs. It dies when it kills you, and there is nothing left for it to destroy. There is no way we can live our lives without being affected by the realization that, while maybe not in our lifetime, this virus will wipe out life as we know it on this planet. Remember what Einstein said: "... World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."

Anyone have anything to add?


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