Saturday, June 23, 2007

Stop asking me that.

I feel like I should write something. I'm kinda stuck. I worked a lot this week. Took a lot of pictures between there and home, and on saturday. I stopped by the Craft Fair to say hi to Allison, and then went to a barbecue at the Burtons with the visiting Dana. Then I went to a total stranger's birthday party where I actually had some fun. Then to a bar. Took pictures the whole way. I've said it before, I always feel better taking pictures. Even of random crap I know won't work out. I didn't make it into a show I thought I would, and for some reason, after an hour of making me want to stop taking pictures, I decided to just take more. I have no idea what people will like and why, and I have no reason to trust or believe the people who like or dislike anything I do. I don't even know why I show people anything any more. How did I get here?
Here's a picture of a kid shooting off a roman candle across the street today.

I saw two cops pull a couple people off a train this week and give them tickets because they held the doors open. The cops said the MTA asked NYPD to crack down on people holding doors. They spent eight hours on that platform just running names and giving people tickets. Just letting you know to watch out. Especially those of you with outstanding warrants. (You know who you are.)


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