Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Everyone got sick.

I'm hiding from the stomach virus that took out a whole household of friends that I was supposed to spend some time with this weekend.

I've finally come around to the fact that the media chooses our presidents. Polling tells people who to vote for. I've heard several accounts today of people who wanted to vote for Edwards, but can't because he's trailing in the polls, so it would be like throwing your vote away. Polling should be illegal, and all the primaries should be held on the same day. The prevailing mentality in this country of occasional voters is that everyone loves a winner, and therefore we should vote for the guy who's in the lead. And how do we know who's in the lead? The media tells us. The pollsters take a guess, and they've already been wrong a few times in this race, and it's reported and accepted as fact. Why can't you report the facts, not the guesses, and let us make up our own minds this this time?


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