Wednesday, February 13, 2008

And another thing...

I think I can finally say for sure that I am against professional sports. The top of the hour, headline news story on the radio right now is performance enhancing drug congressional hearings. Am I paying for this crap with my taxes? Between this waste of time, and Michael Vick, the final nails in the coffin have been hammered home. Billions of dollars can be spent in better ways. Money lost giving developers tax breaks to level neighborhoods and build stadiums is never recouped. Giving kids the false hope of making the big leagues results in undereducated egomaniacs. I'm all for sports in schools, and believe it to be a great way to teach teamwork and sportsmanship that can help off the field in the real world. (I played three sports a year through junior high and high school.) But play because it's fun. Play because it's good for you. How many would play without the chance of a multi-million dollar contract?


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