Thursday, September 04, 2008


I remember, wow, 16 years ago, coming home from work to find K watching the republican convention.
"They're all nazis! Fuckin nazis! What, what are they chanting? Sieg Heil? They're chanting Sieg Heil!"
I think that was during Pat Buchanan's speech.

This election means so much more, and, especially after tonight, I feel we are more doomed than ever.
I didn't even listen to the VP. By then, I was emailing youtube clips to a hurting friend to try to distract her. She probably didn't even look at them, but after my former mayor's speech, I guess I needed distracting as well. He made his points, and, on the topic of experience, I can't really argue with him. I just started to console myself by thinking, "hey, what difference does it really make who's president?" I wasn't planning on ever leaving the country again anyway.

So how should I prepare? The never-ending project of cleaning out my apartment probably won't help the economy. Going to guitar-building school won't stop the war. Working in a comedy club is just a bad idea in any lifetime. Protesting is really just preaching to the choir, and four years ago proved pointless. Living each day like it's your last makes a lot more sense to me right now. I could go out to a bar right now. Or I could just go to sleep. Becca, tell me what to do.


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