Monday, August 07, 2006

I think it's Cindy's birthday.

Leave. Do something to write about. Manatees typically live in tropical waters, mainly around Florida. There is currently one hanging out in the Hudson River. Does that navigational error have anything to do with climate change? Who owns the Happy Birthday song? How do you create something that isn't influenced by its potential spectators? It seems what I write is influenced in two different directions; tone it down for one group, spice it up for another. I tried watching that Father Ted DVD I was loaned, but it bored me. There are traffic cones lined up blocking off parking across the street, and pink, paper signs taped to poles and trees. I take it that means a film shoot. I should try to get the neighborhood kids to raid catering. "Yeah, they always bring food for the locals. It's to make up for the hassle." I had a dream last night I was in Tower Records. It was a mess in there. Undergoing massive renovation, or just going out of business. I bought three things, but the only one I can remember right now is a Roberta Flack CD. I initially picked up the record, but realized we buy CDs now. On my way down the street, I ran into Jarboe. She was outside smoking. Since she doesn't smoke, I guess that means I now associate people being outside with smoking. Why else would you be outside? I told her that Roberta Flack was playing at CB's tonight. (Note: That was a dream. Roberta Flack is NOT playing CBGB tonight.)


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