Friday, August 04, 2006

Lesser things on my mind.

There are a great deal of buildings coming down in my neighborhood. I think there was a fire in the one around the corner, but I missed it. Didn't seem to do much damage, but they tore it all down anyway. Diagonal from that one, the side of a whole block is slowly becoming a big hole. The tallest building seems to be stalled, with the staircase sticking up into the sky, naked and four stories high. These buildings aren't considered special or historic in their architecture, but I love the way old buildings are laid out in their often claustrophobic, and seemingly random ways. The new building will no doubt be "loft-style" and like every other new construction in what's been declared a trendy artist area. I don't know if I like being in a place where I can't imagine past generations doing whatever past generations did.

Is having a gigantic SUV with TVs facing out of every window a local trend, or a national one? I can't imagine it being too fuel efficient, and come to think of it, I always see this vehicle in the gas station around the corner.

Beth was in my dream last night. All I remember about it was feeling very calm having her there. She did that to me.


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