Sunday, July 01, 2007

All mashed together, or another day, another U-haul.

It took me a while to clear off a large enough flat surface in here, but I'm now using that surface to lay out the next book. It was one of those days where not a lot happened. I mostly waited around for a couple of people to not call like I thought they wouldn't. They didn't let me down, and disappointed me at the same time. I took a nap and had a really bad dream. Sometimes in a dream, I'll be trying to do something, and won't be able to physically do it. I'll be trying to move, with all my energy, what little muscle I have, and my limbs just won't go. In this case, I was trying to get dressed. It just wasn't working, and the anxiety caused me to wake up and take inventory of my surroundings. The dream took place in my apartment, or at least a slightly more frightening version of my apartment, and that dream premiss always blurs the moment between REM sleep and sitting up making sure you're not paralyzed. So now there are 120 little pictures laid out on my darkroom sink in a preliminary order, and I'm listening to James Booker, and wondering if I'll really do what I should do tomorrow. There are new people moving into my building finally. A new moving vehicle every day. It's gonna get strange. The girl that moved in today looked a little scared, but mumbled a hello. The neighborhood bombs are getting bigger and louder and make me jump, even though the sound is preceded by a flash that should prepare me for the sound of the explosion. I guess my brain doesn't work that fast. Maybe it will learn.


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