Friday, June 29, 2007

Where I work.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I did sound for a very small Brtiney Spears impersonator last week. About four feet tall. Maybe less. She's called Mini-Britney. Don't use the "M" word. Add it to my resume.

And add lights as well. I've pretty much had to re-light the showroom since the Mandy Moore video shoot. Never had to do that before. I now realize I don't have a fear of heights so much as a fear of rickety ladders. Mandy was good. Totally won me over, even though I'm not into that kind of music at all. I don't even know what kind of music that is. But she seemed easy to get along with, and actually sang.

I'm now getting spam from comedians I don't know. Really annoying.

I was on the phone with my cousin tonight, and a large explosion went off around the corner. My cousin could hear it over the phone and asked what it was. I told him it was an explosion. The start of this summer season has been marked with a great number of neighborhood fireworks displays. The mayor will undoubtedly say that he is cracking down on illegal fireworks this year, but he says that every year, and every year, this place looks more and more like the bridge scene from Apocalypse Now.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Stop asking me that.

I feel like I should write something. I'm kinda stuck. I worked a lot this week. Took a lot of pictures between there and home, and on saturday. I stopped by the Craft Fair to say hi to Allison, and then went to a barbecue at the Burtons with the visiting Dana. Then I went to a total stranger's birthday party where I actually had some fun. Then to a bar. Took pictures the whole way. I've said it before, I always feel better taking pictures. Even of random crap I know won't work out. I didn't make it into a show I thought I would, and for some reason, after an hour of making me want to stop taking pictures, I decided to just take more. I have no idea what people will like and why, and I have no reason to trust or believe the people who like or dislike anything I do. I don't even know why I show people anything any more. How did I get here?
Here's a picture of a kid shooting off a roman candle across the street today.

I saw two cops pull a couple people off a train this week and give them tickets because they held the doors open. The cops said the MTA asked NYPD to crack down on people holding doors. They spent eight hours on that platform just running names and giving people tickets. Just letting you know to watch out. Especially those of you with outstanding warrants. (You know who you are.)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Did we miss D-Day?

I haven't heard a single D-Day tribute, remembrance, reenactment, or reference of any kind. And I listen to the radio all day.

This culture of life existing for the sole purpose of getting fucked up is getting to me a little. Especially when I get emails and see flyers for parties that say things like; "I haven't had a drink in three days so bring bail money, from 9pm til you pass out, bring an extra liver, etc." Let's learn how to be social with just our personalities, or lack there of. I'm pretty sure I'm just as boring drunk as I am sober.

I had to tell coworkers to stop using my previous place of employment as the main descriptor for me in introductions. It leads to questions that I don't want to answer. It's like introducing me; "this is Josh, he was in the Vietnam War." And then the person goes, "wow, that must have been really cool. What was your favorite ambushing?" Yeah, I have flashbacks that I play out in my head and get myself angry for no fucking reason. I still have nightmares, though less regularly than when I was in it. (note: I know that job doesn't really compare to any war, but anyone who's worked there is permanently damaged. Just look at the progress each of us made while there? It was just a big loss to what little life we have left. Okay, maybe it's just me.) A current coworker declared that she's not where she thought she'd be at this time in her life. (She just had a birthday.) I don't think I know anyone who is? If you are, please leave a comment to let me know. And if you were right about where you'd be, how much fun was it knowing exactly how it would go? Would you still watch that movie after someone gave away the end?

Monday, June 04, 2007


When it rains like this, I can't help thinking about how the basement of 315 must be flooded, and smelling like death from not being mopped up the last time, and the time before that. I waited as long as I could for the rain to slow, but I was out of food. Poor planning.

At 9:30am yesterday morning, there was a parade on my street. It was a parade of little league teams, each with their own battle chant. Go Tigers! etc... That's what woke me up; the sound of pre-teen voices rising up in team spirit. I just stumbled around, repeatedly looking out the window in a state of dazed disbelief. I made my way to the living room to get a camera, but by then it was too late.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Went out.

I'm donating a picture to a benefit art auction at Banjo Jim's on the 10th. Details as I get them.

I finally got to see a few people this week. It got a little weird tuesday night when Greg accurately pointed out it was like the Gallery circa 2001. I'm still bad when it comes to gifts. Sometimes it's easy.

I went to work today. For about three minutes. They couldn't make the DJ set-up work. Any competent professional could have figured this problem out. They choose not to have a competent professional on site for every show, and this kind of bullshit is the result. I may be less available on my supposed days off in the future.

It looks like I was run over by a bicycle. There's a patterned bruise across my back that looks like a tire track. If anyone who crossed paths with me on thursday can give some insight as to why there's a horizontal stripe on my back, please clue me in.