Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tired of the cold.

A lot of people at work tonight had recent experience with that stomach virus thing, and one of them even went home early. I don't feel like doing anything. I took a lot of pictures of things I'm putting on ebay my next night off. Does anyone want a free printer? It's unclear to me when the lunar new year is this year. What's the point of it being cold if there aren't any blizzards?

McCain's gonna be the next president. That's what's been going through my head all day, making me sad. Edwards is gone, and Rudy's backing McCain. There are too many people in this country unwilling to put either remaining "unconventional" democrat in the White House, and those people wouldn't admit those feelings to a pollster. Same thing goes for a mormon. But after listening to a little of tonight's debate, it seems to me that McCain is really starting to show his age. Ten months of extreme focus on the man who would be the oldest president elect in history could expose some cracks. Otherwise, it's all over as far as I'm concerned. I can't even think about voting next tuesday.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Everyone got sick.

I'm hiding from the stomach virus that took out a whole household of friends that I was supposed to spend some time with this weekend.

I've finally come around to the fact that the media chooses our presidents. Polling tells people who to vote for. I've heard several accounts today of people who wanted to vote for Edwards, but can't because he's trailing in the polls, so it would be like throwing your vote away. Polling should be illegal, and all the primaries should be held on the same day. The prevailing mentality in this country of occasional voters is that everyone loves a winner, and therefore we should vote for the guy who's in the lead. And how do we know who's in the lead? The media tells us. The pollsters take a guess, and they've already been wrong a few times in this race, and it's reported and accepted as fact. Why can't you report the facts, not the guesses, and let us make up our own minds this this time?

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Up early. 7am call. I'm laying out all the cameras I can part with. It won't be enough. I missed the shows last night. Why do we have to get together in bars? Come over. I'll come over. You can smoke all you want if it's not a bar, and you don't have to wait until midnight or whenever the owner decides it's safe. What do you do to darts? Do you play darts, or throw darts? I need to vacuum.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A McDonalds chocolate shake has 1160 calories.

I had a terrible work dream today. The comedy club was huge. Everyone was getting in my way, and sabotaging the show through their ignorance. It looks like that's my only job right now since my boss at the other place got fired. Things can change so quickly.

I'm having trouble finding cameras that work as they should. It's making me not want to take pictures. That makes me feel completely lost.

The non-snow storm last night was disappointing.

Already after 4am. I should probably go to sleep.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Local construction.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Where's that list?

I now know four women in New York City named Gina. The debates are really boring and frustrating at the same time. Had to turn it off tonight. I now know three woman in New York City who own pickup trucks. I can't use the internet because I've been uploading files to a website for hours, and it put a stop to everything else. I now look at time in terms of when my next obligation is. For example, last night, after work, while deciding something to do, I explained I go out because I didn't have to be anywhere until tuesday at 11am. Could have potentially stayed out until then, but no one else could, so I ended up going home. I'm never happy with datebooks, and I always have to live with an inadequate one for a whole year. I know every January I probably say something about how glad I am about the past year being over since it was so bad, but this past year really was fucked up. But it seems to have caused a major shift in attitude, so let's just look ahead instead. To you. All of you. Let's talk soon. In person, okay? I'll have a camera, and I probably won't go directly home after we casually promise to see each other at a later, undetermined time and place. I have work to do.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Day of rest.

Phone call to disrupt what was supposed to be a low-production sunday at home. Picked up in a tricked out pickup driven by a lady with a dog. Drive over the bridge to pick up a rocking chair, then a pair of hats. Park and shop for fabric to make into a baby blanket, drop my hat in a curbside puddle of new york sludge. Drive and park and look for more fabric and find some and walk around a little to find a place to eat. The sushi place was big and empty and had what looked to me like a small, private lap-dance room with sliding paper doors. We talked. We went next door to shop for food. We drove to chinatown to drop off the goods. We went back out to look for legal parking. Drove around for an hour, stopping for gas, and going through red lights. She just doesn't have the patients when she's parking. Parked and went back up to the third floor and put away groceries and oiled some cutting boards and listened to music and left Amy a message and looked at fabric combinations and sat in the rocking chair while it rained outside. She made yummy popcorn in a pot while we wondered if they still made Jiffy Pop, and she told me the Orville Redenbacher employees suffered respiratory problems because of powered ingredients in the air at the factory. We watched Barry Lyndon, which was long and slow and disappointing and just a bad movie. She started fast forwarding through the scenes of people walking or riding a horse, and it still seemed slow. I put on my hat, now dry, figuring I'd wash it, and my head, when I got home, and said goodnight. More of this kind of thing in the new year, please.